The purpose of this page is to keep those who read updated with the progress of our reconstruction and activities. I will attempt each and every week to give a weekly report on the progress of reconstruction and the plans of the church family.

I have been asked a number of questions since March 19th pertaining to the church so let me address some of those at this time.

1. Yes, we do have a place to worship and will continue to hold weekly services. THIS WEEK 4/1/18 Pleasant Valley Elementary School for Easter Service. We will celebrate our Lord’s Resurrection at 10:30 AM. We will not have Sunday School this week.

We will be meeting at the school until further notice.

2. You can mail donations to West Point Baptist Church 200 Saddle Club Road, Jacksonville Al. 36265.

Every gift is greatly appreciated.

3. Yes, God is still God. He is still sovereign and therefore in control. He has never stopped loving us and He never will. Although I may not understand all that He allows, I by faith continue to Trust Him.

4. Yes, we will through His help build back in our same general location. We Love our community.


1. We are still assessing the damage and awaiting on reports. We need this information to make decisions based upon the facts and not emotions. We are considering a variety of possibilities for the reconstruction. These reports are necessary.

2. The clean up process cannot begin until some of these test reports return. We must know the types of debris before it can be moved. We must know the make up of the debris in order to determine How it will be removed.

3. Contents are still being recovered and evaluated. The item determined to be salvageable are being stored in on site containers.

4. Assessing the damage and reconstruction cost reports are still being conducted by GC3. These are necessary for consideration of repair verses reconstruction.

5. We are considering the possibility of continuing with the one-hundred-year celebration plans or rescheduling till next year when we enter our new building. The relocation process has created additional complications in the planning and preparations for the celebration. We will release an announcement later.

6. A temporary office will be delivered to the church site to serve as an office for the pastor with in the next few days.

Please continue to keep all in your prayers and I will continue to keep you updated.

God Bless


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