The purpose of this page is to keep those who read updated with the progress of our reconstruction and activities. I will attempt each and every week to give a weekly report on the progress of reconstruction and the plans of the church family.


1. The portable office is fully functional and appreciated.

2. Our church family has chosen a building style, and the architect is finalizing the plans.

3. The team is working with engineers and the architect on details of the new building.  We expect to begin contruction around the first of the year.

 4.  Our church family is praying for God's will as we move forward.  Our prayer is that God be gloried in all we do and that we are a blessing to everyone in our community.

West Point Baptist Church was not destroyed by the March 19 tornado, the building where the church met weekly was destroyed. The church is still alive and well. God is still blessing. We are meeting weekly celelbrating His blessings and learning from His Word.

Please continue to keep all in your prayers and I will continue to keep you updated.

God Bless


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