The purpose of this page is to keep those who read updated with the progress of our reconstruction and activities. I will attempt each and every week to give a weekly report on the progress of reconstruction and the plans of the church family.


1. The portable office is fully functional and appreciated.

2. The Structural Engineers have determined that the remaining structure is not structurally sound, therefore we will proceed with a total demolition. Hopefully this demolition will begin by the end of June.

3. The team is meeting weekly to discuss the nescessary steps for proceeding in reconstruction of our church building.


4. Contents are still being recovered and evaluated. The item determined to be salvageable are being stored in on site containers. This requires remembering what we had that is no longer there. It requires remembering what we have take for granted. Message in itself!

5. We are considering what style of church building we will build back as well. This is not an easy task. we must look beyond the "I like" and "I want" to prayerfully discover "The Lord wants"! It is not easy to plan for those who will come behind us; the next generation.

West Point Baptist Church was not destroyed by the March 19 tornado, the building where the church met weekly was destroyed. The church is still alive and well. God is still blessing. We are meeting weekly celelbrating His blessings and learning from His Word.

Please continue to keep all in your prayers and I will continue to keep you updated.

God Bless


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