Today marks the one year anniversary of that dreadful night when a tornado ripped through our community and our church. After a year we still have not begun re-construction, but we are getting closer.

Some may wonder, why so long? Well, the answer is that we are not just rebuilding what we had. Rather, due to growth prior to the tornado and the growth in the last year, we have designed an entirely new facility to accommodate the expected growth in the future. Therefore, this past year we have taken what many has seen as bad and used it for the good. What many do not know is that prior to the destructive tornado the church leadership had discussed what we should do to accommodate the growth. We had already removed the pastorium in order to make additional parking and also converted the bus building into a youth meeting facility.

Still these actions did not quite answer the need for additional educational space. In our discussion the question was asked, “Can we remove this wall and add on to this area of the building?” On March the 19th God said, “I can.”

Please continue to pray for us as we grow in the Lord and build His house.


Bro. Ronny Moore

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